Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cover it up, Save a Marriage & Love Yourself

        A while back my husband and I had gone on a date to see a movie.  We decided to go to a Crisper's and have some lunch before the movie.  While we were sitting in  our booth enjoying our lunch an older couple came in and sat down on the otherside of the aisle behind my husband.  The wife left to go get in line and order their lunch.  Then another family came in to sit down in the booth in front of the old man and I thought that the old man was either going to have a great big fall out of his seat or have a heart attack one, because he lost control when he saw the mother and her two teenage son's sitting right in front of him.  Now the mother, middle aged and a very nice looking lady was seductivley dressed in a mini dress that came really high up and tight fitting along her behind and cleavage showing that truely invited everyone in.  The power that a woman has using her body dressing very low cut and high up on the bottom causes terrible things to happen in this world.  A man is going to have a change of chemicals in his body and a immoral thought process that will stay in his mind for years to come.  I am thankful my husband was facing me and I was facing them because I know how hard it is to look away from this kind of woman.
      I have no idea what her two boy's must think or feel with their mom looking this way.  If you are reading this I want to say to you dress beautifully & modestly.  Dont lure my husband's eyes to your body because you need to have a need met by using your body to feel something that hurts everyone.  You are like a bright  & beautiful diamond, if you share all that you have with every man you see there is nothing left to give to the man you love, your husband.  When a man see's a woman pretty much dressed to say here I am come and get it there is nothing left to pursue.  Women love & respect yourself.  Our glory underneath our clothes is for our husbands only.  You & your husband can be creative and crazy in the marriage bed because it is a gift from God who created it and its yours to enjoy.
    When the eye of a man see's you and your personal glory it leads to abuse, sex trafficing, children being molested, break up of marriages and so much more!  If you are a married woman I know you dont want your husband lusting after another woman so be a great example yourself and to your children, especially teaching the girls modesty.  Also, dont deny your husband sex it is a very important part of your marriage.  So Cover it up, Save a Marriage & Love Yourself!


  1. love this hope you continue to blog!!!! youre great at it!!!!! love ya!!

    1. Thank you for your kind encouragment! Love you too

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  3. This is really good, keep on blogging

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