Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Balancing your life

How do our lives get so out of control.  The "rat race" is taking a toll on our world today.  Finding a way to balance and have some down time in your day is very important.  It is something I dont do very well.  Today my husband and I got in our pool and Spa and exercised.  It was a quiet and relaxing time.  It is very beautiful outside today and the sky is blue.  Only I can allow me to relax and destress from the world.  This is a discipline that is not easy but is in my book becoming absolutely necessary.  So I encourage you today to find something that helps you relax and gets you outside.  We all need it.  Fresh air and sunshine are so good for your soul and health. 
                         Until next time, dont forget to breathe!  Belinda

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