Monday, April 16, 2012

The Balcony or the Dungeon

How many close friends would you say that you have?  I mean really close friends that you can tell everything too and you know they will always be there for you? That they would always point you in the right direction as unto God's word?  I dont think many women today can really say they have even two.  Maybe one if your really blessed.  Im sure you know alot of people and have lots of friends but not a true close friend.  In this world you have two choices. You have what I call the Balcony friends who will always want better for you and swill spur you on to new and higher places in life.  They will cheer you on through your toughest trials and will do their best not to bring you down.  Balcony friends want you to soar to your dreams and live them.  You can share your desires and they will not tell you that it cannot be done but that you should go for it and they will be on your team and help see that you get there.  They are positive and desire to do the right thing.  They have character and are honest.  We also have another choice which is what alot of people allow themselves to be hooked by and this is the what I call Dungeon friends.  They will talk about you as look at you.  They would never want you to do any better than they are doing.  They will always tell you why you cant or should not attempt your dreams.  They cut you and lie to you.

 I believe that the company you keep is the company you will become.  The Bible says we should keep Balcony friends one's who are wise and live that way with sincere hearts and lead with wisdom.  Who we can learn from and know they are really on your side.

What kind of company do you keep?  How do you feel around them?  Do you feel better after you have seen and talked to them or do you feel worse and empty.  It might be a really good idea to take a look at who your friends are and decide if it is time to make some changes.  You know as I have said before as long as you are willing to stay in the same place nothing will change for you.  You have to step out on faith and get to know new people.  You can ususally tell right away what your dealing with.  It would really be better to be alone then to hang with those who use you and dont really want to be your friend.

As I look at my friends, Jesus is the very best friend I will ever have, then my husband!  Then I am blessed to say I have a few really close friends that I am honored to have.  I thank them for their love and support to me.    I hope I will always leave others better than when I found them and I will be the kind of person who others will want to be friends with. 
Until next time lots of love & Smiley's to you!

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