Thursday, April 12, 2012

Complicated Chewies! Just spit them out!

Have you ever woke up in the morning with nothing really on your mind and you proceed to get dressed and get on with your day and as the day goes by you keep getting little negative chewie bites just about everywhere you go.  It feels as if you are in city of Hateville!
You would love to fix life and everybody that is involved but it just seems impossible.  Why?  because of hard heartedness, boastfulness & your stupid pride.   As a woman we can certainly set the tempature in our homes, on the job, at church and in any where you might be standing. 

I think women are angry, stressed out, lonely, unhappy with themselves, longing, hurting, searching for answers to rescue them.  But all the sexual affairs, fake boobs, high stressed jobs or cute colored cut hair styles will not fix you.  That is only outside stuff.  You got to start with what is on the inside you know open yourself up & see what is really in there.  Once you take a good look at yourself  you can begin to clean it out and clean it up.  You can start excepting that you are lovely, intelligent, and capable of doing what is right and treating others right.  When you polish up on these things you will not be the same anymore which means that nothing around in your world can be the same either.  You are not who you normally are so the home, the job, the church, and wherever you happen to be standing will be different too.  You know the saying, "the same old thing gets the same old results"  Not any more!

I want to chew on things that are lovely, true & pure so that when you have woken up and started your day and you run into me I will only be serving delicous sweet chewies full of love & kindness.

Yes, the world can serve complicated chewies but you have a choice to spit them out and get the sweet kind which will make our city of Hateville turn into Smileville.

Until next time Smiley's to you!

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  1. I love this blog, it brightens up my day a little bit each day.