Friday, April 20, 2012

Girlfriend Invite

Hello Girlfriend!

      Well it is the end of the week!  Friday nights used to be date night for me and my husband but now due to job changes all that has been rearranged and we moved them to other days of the week.  A unexpected invitation came this week I got a invite to have dinner and then go to the movies with  a group of friends.  It was wonderful to be invited to something.  Alot of times I know women feel very lonely and friendless.  So, we need to take care of one another and get together to do things.  Jobs and family can certainly take up alot of time, but I say, it is a must  to get away from your normal routine and have some fun!  You know just women getting in the car and going for a ride can do your soul a world of good!  Why? because we can cover it all from A to Z.  You are either crying for laughing so hard you have to stop the car (lol).  When is the last time you called a Girlfriend to have some fun whether just getting together for lunch or dinner & a movie.  If it has been a while just get creative and invite a few friends to get together.  You will be so glad you did.

Here are a few fun things you might like to do:

  • My favorite ~ go on a weekend retreat to a christian womens conference
  • Have everyone bring a dish and put it together for supper
  • Go walk the lake
  • Have a purse & jewerly swap
  • Movie night with a romance or comedy (Chonda Pierce) is a hoot
  • Go Kyaking ~ another one of my favorites
Just get the ball rolling and make a few phone calls or send emails it's as easy as that.

Whatever you do, remember it is fun being a girl!

Until next time Laughing Smiley's to you!

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