Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Dream that is screaming inside of you!

Hey Girlfriends, WHAT'S YOUR DREAM? Is there something you just cannot get off your mind?  You think about it day in and day out?  I do all day long.  I know there is something more that I desire to do with my life.  I have several wonderful friends who have amazing talents and they are so creative.  I know my gift is the gift of encouragement and hospitality other than this not sure what else I have.  When you have a dream I believe we are expected to do all we can to bring it to life so that you can bless others.  You have to be willing to step out and do what you have never done before.  Girlfriend! Life is way to short not to put your dreams into practice.  I know I want to be a speaker so (if you need to laugh go ahead) but I am begining to talk to all the ladies out loud and invision talking to thousands of women to encourage them in their marriages, help them have hope you can beat anxiety & depression and to live life with a positive attitude.  This is what energizes me beyond excitment!

I have a wonderful friend who has amazing talent at cooking.  She just naturally can bring about the finest meals and for large capacities at that.  I know she has the desire, talent, & ability and I pray she finds her place to expand her dreams to love what she is doing beyond just a normal job.  She comes alive when she is in the mode for preparing wonderful foods.

I have another friend who without a doubt can decorate anything from homes to weddings and and the sky is the limit for her.  It is nothing for her to have a vision and it become a reality for others to enjoy.

I also am astounded by yet another amazing friend who is solid business minded woman and can make things happen but at the same time bless people who are in need.

Life should not be about a J O B it should be about the things we love and enjoy.  I know we all must care for our families.  I believe that today a woman can take what she loves turn it into a profitable business to help care for her family and be able to still help make a income.  I am seeing it more and more.

What is your dream?  I would love for you to share it with me.  It just takes little steps one at a time day by day.  Envision in your mind you doing it.  Does not matter your age just get it going!

Have a beautiful day and let those dreams out! 

Until next time smiley's to you!


  1. Belinda, This is amazing timing Lady ! I too have a passion to speak into others lives. I so want to be able to help nurture and grow women into more intimacy with Christ. I do not believe God brought us together by chance. I know he did it with purpose. Today, your words have blessed me beyond measure. There are things within my spirit I know I am supposed to do, but have dealt with reservation for way too long! He has told me to speak my story, write my story, and sing my story. Although, I am not completely sure what direction all of those things take me. I do know he has used your words for confirmation into my life. I love you and I am praying for God to continue to use you mightily !!! Not posting who I am, but you will know. :)

  2. Dear Anonymous, thank you for the wonderful comments to me. I know how exciting it is! On the inside of me it is like a whole other world that is living and alot of great things are going on. Its kind of like a secret city full of excitment and life and all I want to do is share it with isnpiration to all those girls out there. I will be praying for you also maybe God will give us opportunity to share together because HE is an amazing God! We both know nothing is by chance I am so excited to know that you have the same passion for women!