Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Balancing your life

How do our lives get so out of control.  The "rat race" is taking a toll on our world today.  Finding a way to balance and have some down time in your day is very important.  It is something I dont do very well.  Today my husband and I got in our pool and Spa and exercised.  It was a quiet and relaxing time.  It is very beautiful outside today and the sky is blue.  Only I can allow me to relax and destress from the world.  This is a discipline that is not easy but is in my book becoming absolutely necessary.  So I encourage you today to find something that helps you relax and gets you outside.  We all need it.  Fresh air and sunshine are so good for your soul and health. 
                         Until next time, dont forget to breathe!  Belinda

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Anxiety - the city of Hopelessville

Oh Girlfriend! 

 I wanted to talk a little bit today about anxiety.  So many women do experience this at one time or another, but for some it can be a debilitating season of life.  For some reason I went to Hopelessville and had a major darkness of depression and anxiety in my life for about 4 years.  I call it the black whole because I have never felt so hopeless in my life, in fact I never knew that you could feel so out of yourself in despair.  I could really understand how people would want to take their own life because it makes you feel that bad.  I could be in a room full of people who were living life and I felt like I was there but no one could really see me and I felt as though I was somehow separated by this terrible feeling that I could not explain other than I felt so sad and scared all the time.  I would see people normal as could be laughing and having a good time and I felt like I was dying.  I would never wish this on my worst enemy.  But, God brought me through this battle.  I had to take some medicine for a while to get my hormones back in balance but the most important lesson I learned from this terrible time in my life was this.  I could hear God saying to me, Belinda do you trust me with everything in your life?  For so long I struggled with this.  I realized I was not in control and He is.  Anything can happen to us at anytime, but God takes care of us.  I finally had to make a decision to give it all to God or continue to let the enemy try to destroy me.  I know who I belong to and it is not Satan.  God is my Father and I know He loves you and me and there is nothing we cannot get through when we say, Yes Lord!  Girlfriend's times will come in your life and I pray you know that God will see you through and that you will have friends around to remind you of His love.

Yes, I left Hopelessville and moved on down the road to smileyville, May your day be filled with all that is good!  Until next time remember you are not alone! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012


What are emotions?  They are all kinds of feelings about things in life.  The way you feel when you look at someone or when you hold a new baby.  A sincere hug from someone when your hurting.  Or laughing so hard you in pain.  God gives us feelings to help guide us for when there is danger and anger, to choose right and wrong. It always brings what is in your heart to the surface.  We can have good emtional health!  It is up to you and how you choose to believe.  God gives us wisdom all through the bible to teach us right from wrong.  Dont lie, Dont steal, Dont curse, Dont hate, Dont, covet, and we get to Love, forgive, esteem others better, encourage, show mercy and so on.  I heard Dr. James Doboson say one time, as high as you can go in your emotions (when life is on the mountain top) you can also go that low.  It is so true!  It amazes me the power we have over our emotions when you focus on the what is truth, and fact.  Somtimes your emotions might try to fool you and that is when you go and look at truth to see if what your feeling is right or wrong.  If I am talking negative in my head then that is not going to be good use of my time.  I like to keep lots of positive food going in my mind each day.  I am a podcast person and I am much better at listening than I am reading.    What are you thinking about right now?  Is it positive and encouraging or  negative and draining.  Let's live life to the fullest!  Go outside, take a deep breath of God's good air and feel the sunshine on your face.  It can be a great day if you want it to be. 
 Until next time may your day be filled with tons of positive emotion!            

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Who is your mentor?



If someone were to ask you this question "Who is your mentor"?  Would it easily run off of your tongue?  For me it took a while to really figure out who my mentor was.  Now this may sound silly to you, but I honestly love the character of Charles Ingles in "Little House on the Prairie"  He was a kind man with Godly character and he always did the right thing even if it meant standing up to something evil.  He loved his family and laughed alot with them.  Now, I know he is a man and this is in a show that used to come on regular T.V. when I was a kid but it still sticks with me today what I learned through his character.  I really value that he stood for truth, doing the right thing, and not giving in.  You know in today's world as the it becomes darker if you are a woman of God your light should shine brighter and brighter.  Who is your mentor? and is your light shining for Jesus a little brighter as this world becomes darker.  Would love to hear your thoughts!  Until next time smiley's to you!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lip therapy

After being married for over 27 years I have learned alot about how to make your marriage better.  Today my tip #1  when you get into a heated argument stop and first count to ten and while your counting decide if it is really worth all your energy and precious time to waste if you should continue to fight.  Well we all know it is not worth it.  If we are not agreeing on something and it is getting out of control I have decided I will just give my husband some good lip therapy.  Yep,  I put my arms around him and just start kissing him, sometimes I have to be a little forceful but then he cannot help but to laugh and we both calm down and start to act like adults and work through our problems.  Now he does the same to me and I start to laugh as well.  Each moment is precious, so stop wasting time arguing and help each other with lip therapy or some other fun thing to help remind you it is not worth fighting over.  Marriage is a wonderful gift of God so honor God by living your life with out all the quarrels.  Love covers all things.  Until next time smiley's to you!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Live Life Rigth Now!

Don't you just love to feel your feet in the water or toes in the sand?  I love to feel the breeze on my face and in my hair it makes me feel alive.  Kyaking does me good about three times a year.  It refreshes my soul from the troubles of this world.  When is the last time you did something random or fun?  I am afraid we dont live enough.  God gave us a great big beautiful playground with the beauty that could only come from Him.  I love the drive by's you know where you just stop by to see someone for no reason other than to say hello!  I also like to leave funny messages on my friends phones when I know they are not at home or will not be answering there phone.  We all need a good crack up day where all your troubles can be put away for a while.  Life is to short to let the good moments to flee away from you. So go ahead hug and kiss your husband today...make it a good one he will remember.  Hug and tickle your kids tell them how much you love them.  Pet your dog and give him a bone.  Call your mom and tell her thank you for all the things she does for you.  Do something to remind yourself it is ok to have some fun and lightin up.  Many Smileyfaces to you today and forever!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Colored Lotion Bars

Today I have been working on making colored natural lotion bars!  This is so much fun and relaxing to me.  When I put this basket together I thought to myself this makes me want to be in a garden where all is blooming and the birds are singing.  I think of all my friends who can grow pretty flowers and vegetables.  One of the flowers I have been able to grow is zinnia's.  The package said so easy a child can grow them so I figured that I had  chance.  Last year they grew and  looked beautiful.

The lotion bars are all natural made of beeswax, mango butter, shea butter, & aloe butter.  I also added some essential fragrance oils and natural pigment to them for color.  You just rub them in your hands and your body heat releases the oils right into your skin for complete moisturizing.

If you have never tried to grow anything or make anything such as homemade soap or lotions I suggest you give it a try.  You might be surprised what you can do and save money while at the same time doing something good for yourself.

Hope your having a great week!  Until next time....lots of smiley's to you!