Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sex Trafficing the worst evil!

I listen to alot of Christian radio meaning alot of talk shows that encourage me and keep me posted on what is going on that NBC, ABC, FOX and all the others would not dare report.  Beautiful children are exploited everyday here in America and it is a booming business in Asia and other parts of the world.  Children are a gift of God for us to take care of and love.  We are to teach them about Jesus and help them understand God is our creator and we are to heed His holy word.  Poor children, rich children it does not matter to a sex exploiter.  Little girls and little boys are taken, beaten, caged, starved and murdered if they do not perform over and over all day long.  It sickens me to want to vomit up the thought that humans, grown men and women could do such horrible things to children.  What has happened to our world that this was be considred a business.  What if you were one of these precious little children taken from your home and put into sex slavery.  Painted up and told to do as each man tells you.  James & Betty Robison are working to raise money to help build safe centers to bring the children that are rescued too.  People risk their lives to rescue these kids.  Of all the missing posters at our Walmarts and other stores, I wonder how many are somewhere right now being abused in this horrific way, or murdered.  I cant stand the thought of this going on.  I beg you if you are a parent or if you are adult to please guard your children and dont take leaving them along lightly.  The enemy is on the prowl to kid nap these little ones.  Dont trust anybody!  No matter how long you have known them people have ways of getting your trust and then boom you are a victim.  We must stand up for these kids!  We must pray to God for them. We must be willing to say something if we know something or see something that dont seem right.  Sex is everywhere you cant get away from it.  It has been so perverted people dont even know what the true sex is.  I urge you today to talk with your children and watch over them with a close eye.  My heart aches for the children the teenagers and the women that this affects.  I pray that the men who do this will come to the light and be saved to turn from this wickedness that keeps children in terrible bondage.

Everything we watch on tv at the movies in the music it all affects our minds and puts thoughts into actions.  We have got to stop allowing this to continue.  Dont be afraid to turn the TV or DVD off and then explain to your family it is wrong.

                                              Praying for this horrible sin to be stopped!

Friday, April 20, 2012

What happens when you notice?: Girlfriend Invite

What happens when you notice?: Girlfriend Invite

Girlfriend Invite

Hello Girlfriend!

      Well it is the end of the week!  Friday nights used to be date night for me and my husband but now due to job changes all that has been rearranged and we moved them to other days of the week.  A unexpected invitation came this week I got a invite to have dinner and then go to the movies with  a group of friends.  It was wonderful to be invited to something.  Alot of times I know women feel very lonely and friendless.  So, we need to take care of one another and get together to do things.  Jobs and family can certainly take up alot of time, but I say, it is a must  to get away from your normal routine and have some fun!  You know just women getting in the car and going for a ride can do your soul a world of good!  Why? because we can cover it all from A to Z.  You are either crying for laughing so hard you have to stop the car (lol).  When is the last time you called a Girlfriend to have some fun whether just getting together for lunch or dinner & a movie.  If it has been a while just get creative and invite a few friends to get together.  You will be so glad you did.

Here are a few fun things you might like to do:

  • My favorite ~ go on a weekend retreat to a christian womens conference
  • Have everyone bring a dish and put it together for supper
  • Go walk the lake
  • Have a purse & jewerly swap
  • Movie night with a romance or comedy (Chonda Pierce) is a hoot
  • Go Kyaking ~ another one of my favorites
Just get the ball rolling and make a few phone calls or send emails it's as easy as that.

Whatever you do, remember it is fun being a girl!

Until next time Laughing Smiley's to you!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Haven or Frustration?

If you were asked to rate how glad you are to get home how would your home score?  Do you like to get home away from the craziness of this fast lane world?  Is it where you and your husband can come together and be in a safe place with no harrassment or hollaring?  Or how about a place where he knows he is loved and you know you are loved.  When I think of it, my home has not always been a pretty place.  In fact it has had confusion,  anger, disorganization,  disrespect, lies and so on.  But then one day God showed me that this is not the kind of home a husband and wife would want to come home to.  When you think of home you should be thinking of a peaceful place where you can come and be cared for and nurtured.  Where love is always awaiting you.  It should be a place of rest and comfort.  Hugs & kisses everyday.  Words that can heal you and arms to hold you.

I wish my own childhood home could have been this way but it was not and this is a story for another day.  Wives let your husbands come home to a Haven not to Frustration.   We both have busy days but if your home is not loving or welcoming then he is not going to want to be there.

1.  I encourage you to greet your husband as soon as he gets home.

2.  Give him a big  kiss the kind that takes a minute & wrap your arms around him.

3.  Tell him he is your favorite man in the wholeworld.

4.  Thank him for something he has done for you that day even if its just that he went to work.

5.  Dont spend to much time doing other things like cleaning even though you want to get it all done.

6.  Flirt a little and make contact!

7.  Pray for him ask God to help him, give him wisdom, & to protect him.

Marriage is a beautiful gift so treasure it with all your heart!

Until next time make that home a Haven of love~

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Dream that is screaming inside of you!

Hey Girlfriends, WHAT'S YOUR DREAM? Is there something you just cannot get off your mind?  You think about it day in and day out?  I do all day long.  I know there is something more that I desire to do with my life.  I have several wonderful friends who have amazing talents and they are so creative.  I know my gift is the gift of encouragement and hospitality other than this not sure what else I have.  When you have a dream I believe we are expected to do all we can to bring it to life so that you can bless others.  You have to be willing to step out and do what you have never done before.  Girlfriend! Life is way to short not to put your dreams into practice.  I know I want to be a speaker so (if you need to laugh go ahead) but I am begining to talk to all the ladies out loud and invision talking to thousands of women to encourage them in their marriages, help them have hope you can beat anxiety & depression and to live life with a positive attitude.  This is what energizes me beyond excitment!

I have a wonderful friend who has amazing talent at cooking.  She just naturally can bring about the finest meals and for large capacities at that.  I know she has the desire, talent, & ability and I pray she finds her place to expand her dreams to love what she is doing beyond just a normal job.  She comes alive when she is in the mode for preparing wonderful foods.

I have another friend who without a doubt can decorate anything from homes to weddings and and the sky is the limit for her.  It is nothing for her to have a vision and it become a reality for others to enjoy.

I also am astounded by yet another amazing friend who is solid business minded woman and can make things happen but at the same time bless people who are in need.

Life should not be about a J O B it should be about the things we love and enjoy.  I know we all must care for our families.  I believe that today a woman can take what she loves turn it into a profitable business to help care for her family and be able to still help make a income.  I am seeing it more and more.

What is your dream?  I would love for you to share it with me.  It just takes little steps one at a time day by day.  Envision in your mind you doing it.  Does not matter your age just get it going!

Have a beautiful day and let those dreams out! 

Until next time smiley's to you!

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Balcony or the Dungeon

How many close friends would you say that you have?  I mean really close friends that you can tell everything too and you know they will always be there for you? That they would always point you in the right direction as unto God's word?  I dont think many women today can really say they have even two.  Maybe one if your really blessed.  Im sure you know alot of people and have lots of friends but not a true close friend.  In this world you have two choices. You have what I call the Balcony friends who will always want better for you and swill spur you on to new and higher places in life.  They will cheer you on through your toughest trials and will do their best not to bring you down.  Balcony friends want you to soar to your dreams and live them.  You can share your desires and they will not tell you that it cannot be done but that you should go for it and they will be on your team and help see that you get there.  They are positive and desire to do the right thing.  They have character and are honest.  We also have another choice which is what alot of people allow themselves to be hooked by and this is the what I call Dungeon friends.  They will talk about you as look at you.  They would never want you to do any better than they are doing.  They will always tell you why you cant or should not attempt your dreams.  They cut you and lie to you.

 I believe that the company you keep is the company you will become.  The Bible says we should keep Balcony friends one's who are wise and live that way with sincere hearts and lead with wisdom.  Who we can learn from and know they are really on your side.

What kind of company do you keep?  How do you feel around them?  Do you feel better after you have seen and talked to them or do you feel worse and empty.  It might be a really good idea to take a look at who your friends are and decide if it is time to make some changes.  You know as I have said before as long as you are willing to stay in the same place nothing will change for you.  You have to step out on faith and get to know new people.  You can ususally tell right away what your dealing with.  It would really be better to be alone then to hang with those who use you and dont really want to be your friend.

As I look at my friends, Jesus is the very best friend I will ever have, then my husband!  Then I am blessed to say I have a few really close friends that I am honored to have.  I thank them for their love and support to me.    I hope I will always leave others better than when I found them and I will be the kind of person who others will want to be friends with. 
Until next time lots of love & Smiley's to you!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Complicated Chewies! Just spit them out!

Have you ever woke up in the morning with nothing really on your mind and you proceed to get dressed and get on with your day and as the day goes by you keep getting little negative chewie bites just about everywhere you go.  It feels as if you are in city of Hateville!
You would love to fix life and everybody that is involved but it just seems impossible.  Why?  because of hard heartedness, boastfulness & your stupid pride.   As a woman we can certainly set the tempature in our homes, on the job, at church and in any where you might be standing. 

I think women are angry, stressed out, lonely, unhappy with themselves, longing, hurting, searching for answers to rescue them.  But all the sexual affairs, fake boobs, high stressed jobs or cute colored cut hair styles will not fix you.  That is only outside stuff.  You got to start with what is on the inside you know open yourself up & see what is really in there.  Once you take a good look at yourself  you can begin to clean it out and clean it up.  You can start excepting that you are lovely, intelligent, and capable of doing what is right and treating others right.  When you polish up on these things you will not be the same anymore which means that nothing around in your world can be the same either.  You are not who you normally are so the home, the job, the church, and wherever you happen to be standing will be different too.  You know the saying, "the same old thing gets the same old results"  Not any more!

I want to chew on things that are lovely, true & pure so that when you have woken up and started your day and you run into me I will only be serving delicous sweet chewies full of love & kindness.

Yes, the world can serve complicated chewies but you have a choice to spit them out and get the sweet kind which will make our city of Hateville turn into Smileville.

Until next time Smiley's to you!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cover it up, Save a Marriage & Love Yourself

        A while back my husband and I had gone on a date to see a movie.  We decided to go to a Crisper's and have some lunch before the movie.  While we were sitting in  our booth enjoying our lunch an older couple came in and sat down on the otherside of the aisle behind my husband.  The wife left to go get in line and order their lunch.  Then another family came in to sit down in the booth in front of the old man and I thought that the old man was either going to have a great big fall out of his seat or have a heart attack one, because he lost control when he saw the mother and her two teenage son's sitting right in front of him.  Now the mother, middle aged and a very nice looking lady was seductivley dressed in a mini dress that came really high up and tight fitting along her behind and cleavage showing that truely invited everyone in.  The power that a woman has using her body dressing very low cut and high up on the bottom causes terrible things to happen in this world.  A man is going to have a change of chemicals in his body and a immoral thought process that will stay in his mind for years to come.  I am thankful my husband was facing me and I was facing them because I know how hard it is to look away from this kind of woman.
      I have no idea what her two boy's must think or feel with their mom looking this way.  If you are reading this I want to say to you dress beautifully & modestly.  Dont lure my husband's eyes to your body because you need to have a need met by using your body to feel something that hurts everyone.  You are like a bright  & beautiful diamond, if you share all that you have with every man you see there is nothing left to give to the man you love, your husband.  When a man see's a woman pretty much dressed to say here I am come and get it there is nothing left to pursue.  Women love & respect yourself.  Our glory underneath our clothes is for our husbands only.  You & your husband can be creative and crazy in the marriage bed because it is a gift from God who created it and its yours to enjoy.
    When the eye of a man see's you and your personal glory it leads to abuse, sex trafficing, children being molested, break up of marriages and so much more!  If you are a married woman I know you dont want your husband lusting after another woman so be a great example yourself and to your children, especially teaching the girls modesty.  Also, dont deny your husband sex it is a very important part of your marriage.  So Cover it up, Save a Marriage & Love Yourself!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mean Girls

Have you ever noticed when you happen to walk in a room of people either at work or at church and there is a strong sense of unfriendliness.  It happens all the time to me.  I am a happy and friendly lady who cannot stand for grown women to act like they dont notice I am there.  I notice they snicker alot and tend to turn away. 

 No matter how old you are it still hurts.  I look intently at people when I am out and about and usually can notice if someone needs a hello, or a grand compliment and the expression on their face will light up.  It is too bad that mean girls cannot find it in themselves to have a friendliness about them and be courteous even if you dont necessarily like the person.  I would almost rather talk to strangers all day long than be around some people who I see everyday.

 I have decided they just have a sickness and I overlook the meaness.  The world would be a fabulous place if a little kindness could be shown to others.  Please take time to notice the look on others faces and see if you can see beyond yourself for just a moment and decide how you can make their day a better than when you found them. 
 Until next time smiley's to you!