Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mean Girls

Have you ever noticed when you happen to walk in a room of people either at work or at church and there is a strong sense of unfriendliness.  It happens all the time to me.  I am a happy and friendly lady who cannot stand for grown women to act like they dont notice I am there.  I notice they snicker alot and tend to turn away. 

 No matter how old you are it still hurts.  I look intently at people when I am out and about and usually can notice if someone needs a hello, or a grand compliment and the expression on their face will light up.  It is too bad that mean girls cannot find it in themselves to have a friendliness about them and be courteous even if you dont necessarily like the person.  I would almost rather talk to strangers all day long than be around some people who I see everyday.

 I have decided they just have a sickness and I overlook the meaness.  The world would be a fabulous place if a little kindness could be shown to others.  Please take time to notice the look on others faces and see if you can see beyond yourself for just a moment and decide how you can make their day a better than when you found them. 
 Until next time smiley's to you! 

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