Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Haven or Frustration?

If you were asked to rate how glad you are to get home how would your home score?  Do you like to get home away from the craziness of this fast lane world?  Is it where you and your husband can come together and be in a safe place with no harrassment or hollaring?  Or how about a place where he knows he is loved and you know you are loved.  When I think of it, my home has not always been a pretty place.  In fact it has had confusion,  anger, disorganization,  disrespect, lies and so on.  But then one day God showed me that this is not the kind of home a husband and wife would want to come home to.  When you think of home you should be thinking of a peaceful place where you can come and be cared for and nurtured.  Where love is always awaiting you.  It should be a place of rest and comfort.  Hugs & kisses everyday.  Words that can heal you and arms to hold you.

I wish my own childhood home could have been this way but it was not and this is a story for another day.  Wives let your husbands come home to a Haven not to Frustration.   We both have busy days but if your home is not loving or welcoming then he is not going to want to be there.

1.  I encourage you to greet your husband as soon as he gets home.

2.  Give him a big  kiss the kind that takes a minute & wrap your arms around him.

3.  Tell him he is your favorite man in the wholeworld.

4.  Thank him for something he has done for you that day even if its just that he went to work.

5.  Dont spend to much time doing other things like cleaning even though you want to get it all done.

6.  Flirt a little and make contact!

7.  Pray for him ask God to help him, give him wisdom, & to protect him.

Marriage is a beautiful gift so treasure it with all your heart!

Until next time make that home a Haven of love~

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