Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sex Trafficing the worst evil!

I listen to alot of Christian radio meaning alot of talk shows that encourage me and keep me posted on what is going on that NBC, ABC, FOX and all the others would not dare report.  Beautiful children are exploited everyday here in America and it is a booming business in Asia and other parts of the world.  Children are a gift of God for us to take care of and love.  We are to teach them about Jesus and help them understand God is our creator and we are to heed His holy word.  Poor children, rich children it does not matter to a sex exploiter.  Little girls and little boys are taken, beaten, caged, starved and murdered if they do not perform over and over all day long.  It sickens me to want to vomit up the thought that humans, grown men and women could do such horrible things to children.  What has happened to our world that this was be considred a business.  What if you were one of these precious little children taken from your home and put into sex slavery.  Painted up and told to do as each man tells you.  James & Betty Robison are working to raise money to help build safe centers to bring the children that are rescued too.  People risk their lives to rescue these kids.  Of all the missing posters at our Walmarts and other stores, I wonder how many are somewhere right now being abused in this horrific way, or murdered.  I cant stand the thought of this going on.  I beg you if you are a parent or if you are adult to please guard your children and dont take leaving them along lightly.  The enemy is on the prowl to kid nap these little ones.  Dont trust anybody!  No matter how long you have known them people have ways of getting your trust and then boom you are a victim.  We must stand up for these kids!  We must pray to God for them. We must be willing to say something if we know something or see something that dont seem right.  Sex is everywhere you cant get away from it.  It has been so perverted people dont even know what the true sex is.  I urge you today to talk with your children and watch over them with a close eye.  My heart aches for the children the teenagers and the women that this affects.  I pray that the men who do this will come to the light and be saved to turn from this wickedness that keeps children in terrible bondage.

Everything we watch on tv at the movies in the music it all affects our minds and puts thoughts into actions.  We have got to stop allowing this to continue.  Dont be afraid to turn the TV or DVD off and then explain to your family it is wrong.

                                              Praying for this horrible sin to be stopped!

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