Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lip therapy

After being married for over 27 years I have learned alot about how to make your marriage better.  Today my tip #1  when you get into a heated argument stop and first count to ten and while your counting decide if it is really worth all your energy and precious time to waste if you should continue to fight.  Well we all know it is not worth it.  If we are not agreeing on something and it is getting out of control I have decided I will just give my husband some good lip therapy.  Yep,  I put my arms around him and just start kissing him, sometimes I have to be a little forceful but then he cannot help but to laugh and we both calm down and start to act like adults and work through our problems.  Now he does the same to me and I start to laugh as well.  Each moment is precious, so stop wasting time arguing and help each other with lip therapy or some other fun thing to help remind you it is not worth fighting over.  Marriage is a wonderful gift of God so honor God by living your life with out all the quarrels.  Love covers all things.  Until next time smiley's to you!


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