Thursday, May 10, 2012


What are emotions?  They are all kinds of feelings about things in life.  The way you feel when you look at someone or when you hold a new baby.  A sincere hug from someone when your hurting.  Or laughing so hard you in pain.  God gives us feelings to help guide us for when there is danger and anger, to choose right and wrong. It always brings what is in your heart to the surface.  We can have good emtional health!  It is up to you and how you choose to believe.  God gives us wisdom all through the bible to teach us right from wrong.  Dont lie, Dont steal, Dont curse, Dont hate, Dont, covet, and we get to Love, forgive, esteem others better, encourage, show mercy and so on.  I heard Dr. James Doboson say one time, as high as you can go in your emotions (when life is on the mountain top) you can also go that low.  It is so true!  It amazes me the power we have over our emotions when you focus on the what is truth, and fact.  Somtimes your emotions might try to fool you and that is when you go and look at truth to see if what your feeling is right or wrong.  If I am talking negative in my head then that is not going to be good use of my time.  I like to keep lots of positive food going in my mind each day.  I am a podcast person and I am much better at listening than I am reading.    What are you thinking about right now?  Is it positive and encouraging or  negative and draining.  Let's live life to the fullest!  Go outside, take a deep breath of God's good air and feel the sunshine on your face.  It can be a great day if you want it to be. 
 Until next time may your day be filled with tons of positive emotion!            

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